Friday, July 26, 2013

UA Antler Logo Hang Tag

This hang tag has a logo of the standard UA interlocking logo into a pair of antlers for the hunting line. It uses bold red colors on a dark background, except for the blue outline on the Coldgear term. The front makes use of the UA as antlers, UA written out as letters, Under Armour as a wordmark, and finally the web address. The reverse has a UA circle logo, and a UA recycle logo as well. The trademarks are strong with this one.

The Coldgear mark is outlined in the descriptive blue color. Oddly, however, it has a tag line immediately underneath. It seems unusual to put a tag line on a hang tag, as well as the mark itself, but that is what Under Armour has done here.
The reverse has an Under Armour seal logo, and what appears to be a large space for individual stores to add price stickers.

This is my favorite hang tag.

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