TheHangTagBlog is my pet project to comment on and catalog Hang Tags. I ran into them at work, and ever since they have been a fascination of mine. I hope that you will enjoy. Please feel free to comment or contract me directly at plutonomical@gmail.com.

The posting schedule is currently M-W-F for new hang tags (during periods when I am actively updating the blog).

TheHangTagBlog is used as a trademark, all rights reserved. All text is original and protected by copyright. Any text and trademarks on the hang tags themselves is property of the original owner, and used here under fair use.

Image Use: Almost all of the images on this blog are originals, produced by the author, and protected under copyright as such. Occasionally, images are sourced online. If you believe that your image has been used without your permission, please contact the author at plutonomical@gmail.com.

About the Ads: Currently the ads are served through standard AdSense settings within Blogger. It isn't a sophisticated setup. If you would like to discuss advertising opportunities, please contact me directly. There are also occasional Amazon Affiliate links to mentioned products. This blog is entirely a hobby. I currently do not receive any products or materials for free or reduced cost or in any promotional capacity.

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