As the premier destination for Hang Tag Criticism on the internet, TheHangTagBlog has its own awards program to recognize excellence in the industry.

Reviewed Tag Awards: Since updating this blog with chronological regularity is all but impossible, awards are given out based on number of reviews completed.

The 2 in 10 Award: Every ten reviewed hang tags I will select my top two picks.
The 5 in 50 Award: Every fifty reviewed hang tags I will take the winners of the previous five "2 in 10's" and select the top 5.
The 10 in 100 Award: Every one hundred reviewed hang tags I will select and rank my top 10. These are pulled from all of the previous reviewed tags, although I'd expect them generally to line up with the top previous selections. Additionally, these will be ranked in order (whereas previous ones are simply selected).

The Hang Tag Blog Excellence Award: Awarded to any examples of excellence that I deem worthy.
The Hang Tag Blog Critics Award: Awarded to whichever hang tag generates the most criticism the easiest.

Archive of Awards:
2 in 10

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