Thursday, December 17, 2015

Hang Tag Review #25 - Halloween

This is going up a little late but its for fun anyways. This is a Halloween themed hang tag from a Walmart's in house line. It wasn't branded Sam's Club or America's Favorite or whatever other house brand Walmart uses from time to time.

The front depicts a smiling Jack O'Lantern that is more fun than spooky. The traditional triangle eyes and nose are done in yellow. The mouth is especially detailed, with three wildly offset teeth appearing.

The background is dark black, perhaps for contrast, perhaps just to evoke late night trick or treating, or perhaps because the artist realized that the facial features technically would not be lit unless it was dark outside. There is a bit of a white boarder surrounding the entire scene, and a gift receipt perforation as well.

I enjoyed this tag. The design is simple, but it is fun. One of the most interesting things to note is that there are no logos, branding, text, prices, or bar codes on the front of this tag (I've lost the reverse during processing but I recall the reverse being plain as well). This is something generally associated with the highest level of brands.

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