Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Hang Tag Review #42 - Nike Dry 2 Piece Set

This hangtag is from Nike Dry and is a three parter (despite being a "2 piece set"). The top tag is a small square that is clearly an add on over the top, and most likely added to lots of garments sold as sets. It has the swoosh, and then says "2 Piece Set" in 4 languages. The reverse has the UPC space indicator, open on this one. Let's start calling them UPC Landing Zones, shall we?

The next two tags are the ones that actually have the goods on them, and are larger rectangles. The first is more or less blank, with only the Nike Swoosh and what looks like a sublimated thumb print design. The reverse is similarly plan, a matte black with handling numbers at the top and a couple logos at the bottom. It also contains a very bizarre, made even more so considering Nike is one of the most famous brands on the planet.

The third tag is the features tag - defining Nike Dry and giving the basics of the technology. Oddly enough, its referred to as "Dry" and "Nike Dry" but there is also usage of "DRI-FIT" technology. This tag as a sublimated cross-hatch design. The reverse has the same description of Nike Dry but in French this time. It also has a UPC tag and the same assortment of trademarks as the previous.

Overall, this tag is interesting because it demonstrates some of the failings of the optimization of global brands. For example it has three different pieces that are somewhat contradictory - since this specimen has the bar code stickers still attached, it is clear that these were two separate items that were stuck together and sold as a set. Also, the design changes - both have very difficult to see sublimations, but one is a finger print style wave, the other is a cross hatch. Why use two different designs across what is essentially a single product, unless someone got their lines crossed.

I'll also mark this one down for Faux French, if for no other reason than because the first hang tag has 4 languages, but oddly enough the Feature Tag only has English and French. The choice only makes sense if you are impressed by having French text on your apparel.

Enough with the bad though - I love the weight and texture to these (which I know comes through great over the internet). They are heavy and have a nice almost rubbery texture to them. Also, the top 2 piece set tag is has probably my favorite UPC Landing Zone of any tag I have looked at. Its tiny with a tiny box, clearly labeled UPC. I love it.

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