Monday, August 26, 2013

Greg Norman for Tasso Elba “Slim Fit” Hang Tag

This hang tag is for Greg Norman’s line of golf clothes, specifically a slim fit polo. This tag has some bright, catchy colors. First and foremost is the almost neon lime green. Neon has been making a comeback in athletic wear, most famously the Nike neon yellow that adorned their London Olympic shoes. Greg Norman’s use of green capitalizes on that trend, stands out to the consumer, and uses a color that relates well to golf.

Norman also has the benefit of the well establish shark logo, made from a line drawing of various neons. This is a traditional treatment of this logo, appearing on Greg Norman’s wine bottles. Although sometimes done in white, here it stands out in the neons.

The colors are important. “Shark” and “Greg Norman” well overpower the Tasso Elba brand. Tasso Elba, in fact, appears as simply a sewing company underneath the bold, bright Norman marks. Also, the shimmery gold fades quickly under the primary neon colors of the rest of the hang tag.

Play Dry, presumably another moisture wicking technology after Under Armour, appears as well. The reverse tells us that Play Dry is a trademark of Reebok. Thus, we see Play Dry, Reebok, Shark, Greg Norman, Tasso Elba, and the Shark logo as competing brands, all on one hang tag.

The reverse contains the aforementioned trademark information, as well as the currently popular “feature icons” in wide use in the industry. Oddly enough, “Easy Care” shows a washing machine. If “machine washable” counts of “easy care” in athletic wear these days, one must wonder how professionals stay outfitted.

The UPF information under the sun is a sticker. It may not be easily visible in the attached photos. The somewhat generic “excellent UV protection” language lead me to believe that it used to contain stronger language, and after complaints about deceptive advertising, it was hastily covered with the sticker. I was surprised, however, when I removed it and found it blank. It must have been instead for the easy change out if some items are UPF 30 or other designations.

This hang tag also contains a false booklet effect. The green “slim fit” appears to be a second piece of cardboard, but instead it is simply a different color.

I generally like the colors and layout of this hang tag, but it is overall very busy. Probably too much so. Also, the excessive piling on of trademarks and brands dilutes the product. Is it Reebok quality? Is it famous golfer Greg Norman? Is it Tasso Elba? Who knows? I’m also not a fan of the feature icons, but that is less offensive. What I do like, however, is the faux booklet style. Well executed and a stylish touch.

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