Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Victoria’s Secret Pink Hang Tag

This is another simple hang tag, from Victoria’s Secret’s Pink line. The front is fairly simple and straightforward, just the outline letters in Victoria’s Secret pink. All the text is stacked at the bottom, leaving a lot of empty space at the top.

The reverse is incredibly bleak. Most of the numbers and text are completely unintelligible to the average consumer. Even the sizing information is not very clear, with a simple S and P. The only thing that is clear, however, is the price.

This hang tag is fine in and of itself, but it does not fit the product at all. Lingerie, and especially fancy, expensive lingerie from Victoria’s Secret, is supposed to be of the highest class and quality. This hang tag is workmanlike and cheap. Furthermore, underwear from Victoria’s Secret is generally impractical for everyday situations, instead it usually is a luxury item bought for a special occasion. This hang tag is the exact opposite.

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