Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Nautica Jeans “Fauxback” Hang Tag

This is a hang tag by Nautica Jeans company, which normally appears on jeans. This is an example of a purely decorative hang tag. It offers no information about the product, the company that produced it, or anything else of use to the shopper.

What it does say, albeit in a roundabout way, is that these are an expensive pair of pants. A frivolous tag is an expense in and of itself, plus this one is printed on then, woven cloth. It was attached to the jeans with a thick braided cord.

As for the design, it is two tone, featured a deep navy blue printed on an odd golden color. The printing is deliberately distressed. The distressing on the front is less appealing as it is obviously overdone. On the reverse, however, I kind of like the ways some of the letters and numbers are illegible.

I like less the “surplus” style design. I think it is overdone and out of place here. A company that was founded in 1999 would never have used a tag such as this, unless it was created specifically as a “fauxback.”

Hang tags such as this are tough. Unlike most hang tags, which deliciously blend utilitarian and artistic elements, this hang tag has no such constraints. Thus, it loses a lot of appeal to me. On the other hand, I must admit that the design and execution are nice.

Where this one really loses me is that it is so unauthentic. This is an example of a company trying to be something it is not, and that is somewhat unforgivable


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