Friday, August 2, 2013

Hang Tag Review # 3 - Polo Ralph Lauren Weathered Mesh Shirt

Even famous design houses like Polo Ralph Lauren have to sell products, and that means hang tags. These tags don’t have a single direction, as the front runs left to right, while the back runs top to bottom.

On the front, we see a blue and gold color scheme that is surprisingly similar to other brands. The font choice is a good one, bold and with a definite character. Polo uses its full name here, as well as the horse and rider design. The product name is on trend, adding the unnecessary article for emphasis (watch any NFL game and at least one player will introduce his alma mater as “THE Miami U”). The rest of the name, however, is a series of descriptives (“shirt” being the article of clothing, “mesh” being the construction, and “weathered” the detailing). The combination is ultra-luxury, as though Ralph Lauren creates the definitive article by which all others are measured.

The reverse is has a lengthy product description. While the tone and text are aimed at conveying expense (it reads like wine tasting notes), it also cheapens the product. If this is “the” definitional product, why do you need to spend so much time explaining it?

I rate the front of this tag highly (I really like the font) but the reverse is less pleasing.

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