Monday, August 5, 2013

Tommy Hilfiger Aqua Water Polo

Another luxury brand, this Tommy Hilfiger tag emphasizes brand over product. The front shows the name and logo on a dark background. It is simple and indicates that all you need to see is the brand name and the product. No other convincing necessary.

The reverse repeats the flag mark, but only adds the abbreviated web address. There is quite a bit of identifying information, including gender, a product number, the color (is Aqua Water in two languages, or redundant, or are they using Aqua as a shade of blue and Water as a shade of something else?), the line (Sum Basics), a bar code, and finally sizing. It is a lot of information conveyed in a workmanlike manner.

I am actually a fan of some of the irreverence of this tag. The reverse, especially, with its “Sum Basics” moniker, is a phenomenal piece of poetry in my mind. I also like the abbreviated “” web address, and the somewhat ridiculous Aqua Water coloring. The size label is cheap and out of place (this is something you expect when picking through the bargain racks), but overall, I feel like they know what a fashion design house is expected to do and executed on it, but along the way poked fun at the institution.

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