Tuesday, December 31, 2013

TheHangTagBlog Year End Awards

Yes, even here at TheHangTagBlog we have a year end awards list. For our first year the selection is limited, so we will simply feature our top three hang tags for 2013.

Third Runner-Up: Calvin Klein Jeans Hang Tag

This wasn't my favorite hang tag this year by far, and I knocked it for the poorly implemented web address. However, the otherwise clean and simple design shows well, and is smartly executed. This hang tag also deserves praise for the quality materials used in its construction.

Second Runner-Up: Under Armour Cold Black "Fold Out" Hang Tag

This hang tag rated highly on several design counts.I especially praised the miniature vignette on the front, which worked well from a visual design standpoint as well as the product feature and marketing standpoint. The use of grey scale was also expert. There was a lot of design in this one, but also some constraint. Small points off for the repetitive feature list on the interior, as well as the somewhat boring reverse, but otherwise a favorite of mine this year.

Grand Prize for Achievement in Hang Tag Design: Izod Varsity Fleece Hang Tag

This was, far and away, my favorite this year. Strong, clean lines, clear branding, and restrained design. There are no gimmicks here, just a hang tag befitting a much more expensive product. The two tone red detailing garnered rave reviews, as did the placement of the text and the logo. Even the punch out hole for the zip tie was seemingly well thought out. When my major gripes are that the retailer price sticker covers too much of the hang tag, you know you are on to something.

And that concludes this year's awards list. Congratulations to all the winners, who win absolutely nothing but my accolades! Still, by my count this is the world's premier source of hang tag design and commentary, so that really means these are the highest awarded designs for 2013.

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