Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Under Armour Cold Black “Fold Out” Hang Tag

 This hang tag from sportswear maker Under Armour has a sharp front. Check out the way the varied greys form a horizon, with a sun flair coming over it. The sun is casting light on the Cold Black word mark, which leaves a shadow in front. This serves two purposes: it gives the hang tag some great depth, and additionally it plays on the “black out the sun” tagline below. Very rarely is such an interesting scene set on a hang tag. Furthermore, the greyscale is nicely implemented.

The inside of the fold out gives the product information. Under Armour believes this coldblack technology to be worth explaining, and does so. The use of greys is consistent with the front, although the white text over a fading background has varying levels of readability.

The inside features two pages, both French and English. Surely a cost-saving measure first and foremost, as otherwise the repeated language is a waste of space.

The reverse is more standard UA fare. The extra dark black stands in sharp contrast to the rest of the tag. Also, the deep blue size information just adds to the overall gloominess. The yellow “UA RUNNING” sticker on the, while out of place, at least is in the same area of the color sphere.

The front of this tag is exceptional, and truly a favorite. The level of design and attention to detail are more than enough to make up for a somewhat lackluster reverse side. Bravo to whomever drew this one up.

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