Monday, October 27, 2014

Hang Tag Review #21 - Calvin Klein “Dresses” Hang Tag

This hang tag from designer brand Calvin Klein continues in the tradition of the third runner up hang tag from the 2013 end of year awards. While that hang tag was clearly for jeans, this one is simply labeled “Dresses.”

It continues with the highly minimalist format. The front is mostly solid white, with the brand name dominating in simple typeface. Underneath the name is the dresses designation in all lowercase. All the typography is in the lower fourth of the front, leaving a lot of empty space. Also interesting is the kerning, it appears very close on the brand name, and very open on “dresses.”

The reverse is likewise minimal in design, with just the web address (in the poor format). The address is made slightly more acceptable as it appears Calvin Klein uses a variety of top level domains, but seemingly does not have one for dresses specifically. Again, the text is all in the lower portion of the tag. This leaves plenty of space for the retailer tag, here adding a splash of color with the size coding.

Although not viewable here, this hang tag is made of heavy cardstock.

This is another strong entry from Calvin Klein. It is simple and clean, and expresses a very direct design and brand. On the other hand, the white with simple black text has been done elsewhere. I’m also a little unclear on the kerning issue. Overall this is a strong showing, another tasteful entry.

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