Friday, October 31, 2014

Hang Tag Review # 22 - Indigo Blue "Skinny" Hang Tag

This Hang Tag is from label Indigo Blue maternity. This appears to be a house brand for Motherhood Maternity. The jeans are oddly designated "skinny" even though they have a super stretchy belly band to accommodate a growing baby bump.

The front of the tag is a deep blue (probably shooting for a say, indigo blue) that shows well. It may as well be denim blue. The text is all negative white. While "Premium Denim" certainly has some meaning, it is unclear what standards are required to be called premium. The "EST. 1978" is bothersome. Why include a date if it is within (or for maternity items, probably just outside, most 1978 babies are 37 by now) the lifetime of the target demographic. The date established works best for older brands, to show history and the ability to stay relevant in a changing market. It also works (although much less effectively, in my opinion) for newer, upstart brands. But in this case, it just gets lost as noise. I propose a new term for this, "YoungEST," a goofy portmanteau play on "youngish" and the EST of established.

That aside. the logo is impressive. It combines the I and B in a wonderful, classic monogram style.The outlining also clearly calls out the I and additionally gives the mark a good sense of depth. Even the choice of a serif font is smart here, adding life and definition.

The reverse is a repeating tessellation of the monogram logo. The reverse shows the logo in blue on a white background, the negative of the front. This is also a classic pattern. It is simple but well stated.

This hang tag is a particular favorite of mine. I am more than willing to overlook the unnecessary established 30 years ago. It is especially egregious, as the rest of the hang tag really calls out the classic design style and influences. The monogram logo is fantastic and sits well on an otherwise clean front. The reverse is likewise classy. I am less of a fan of the large skinny designation, but overall this is a top design.

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