Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Hang Tag Review # 23 - Nautica Jeans "Crossed Anchors" Hang Tag

I've covered a Nautica Hang Tag before. That one was a quintessential Fauxback design, high quality in materials and farcical in design. It clearly represented an expensive pair of high quality denim.

Today's hang tag is instead a simple one, likely applied at a discount retailer. It drops the fancy woven stock for simple thick paper, plain white. The front contains a small monogram logo of crossed anchors over an "N." Towards the bottom is a simple stamped name, NAUTICA, and a gift receipt tear away.

The reverse is slightly busier. It starts with a and then immediately is followed up something slightly unusual. "Nautica has contributed to Oceana." is a charity that works to "protect the world's oceans," at least according to their website. There is not mention of the licensing fee paid to display their logo on your hangtag. Below the sponsorship message are a series of highly functional identifiers, including a barcode, and finally a size tab and the suggested retail price on the gift receipt.

The front of this hang tag is clean and simple, and scores well with an interesting logo. Interestingly, the Nautica website shows use of the sailboat logo, this crossed anchor design is clearly not favored. It's a classic design, which gives it strength from a design standpoint, but devalues it from a trademark view.

The reverse is typical department store fare, except for the fairly unique charity notice. Hang tags have limited real estate and except in extreme cases (such as this Life is Good tag) where the charity is the point of the item, full sentences with charitable information is the rare exception.

In the category of budget hang tags, I rate this one highly. The front is very nice, even if the reverse is somewhat crowded and utilitarian. I'm also excited about the unusual logo. The is a little unnecessary, and although I do take a skeptical approach to the charitable notice, Nautica is actively listed as a corporate partner on's website. Overall a solid choice.

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