Friday, January 8, 2016

Hang Tag Review #30 - NFL Team Apparel Hang Tag

This is a fun one but also a little bit unique. This is a hang tag that the NFL attaches to licensed apparel. The front has the NFL shield logo prominently displayed, with TEAM APPAREL printed underneath. The background has a dappled pattern, which appears to be simulating the leather grain on a football. The background fades in as a gradient moving from top to bottom.

The reverse starts with the website as a Below that is a holographic sticker which probably indicates authenticity. Underneath the holo sticker we find another sticker, this one with the distributor information on it. Further down is the third sticker, the reailer sticker with price, size, and barcode.

This tag is pretty middle of the road. I've decided that I do like the tags that are tall and narrow, and this one has a lot of colors. However, I think the leather effect is really poorly implemented. It makes no sense that it fades out on the top, and without looking closely or really thinking about the design, it just looks sloppy.

The reverse is very interesting from a design standpoint, if nothing else. There are a full three stickers attached. This offers a lot of flexibility, as these hang tags can be distributed to a wide variety of manufacturers for use with their items. On the other hand, it calls into question the whole authenticity of the "hologram sticker" issue. If these tags are just being sent around to be randomly stickered, what is to guarantee to me, the consumer, that someone didn't receive a shipment of blank hang tags with the holo stickers and then just attach their own? It defeats the entire purpose.

Also if you name is a three letter abbreviation, the address is wholly unnecessary. Especially with the way today's modern browsers work, entering "NFL" "NFL.COM" or HTTP://WWW.NFL.COM" into your browser is all going to take you to the same place.

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