Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Hang Tag Review #31 - Stoosh Hang Tag

Stoosh is, among other things, a junior women's brand that is carried by larger discount department stores. It was a new brand to me this year.

The front of this tag is a simple solid black background with tessellated slate flowers. Printed over the flowers at the bottom is the wordmark in all lowercase, in a very narrow font.

The reverse is solid black. Both sides have a glossy finish, which looks great on the reverse (and just ok on the front).

This hang tag is made of quality materials, it is thick cardstock, and the glossy finish is a nice touch. There is, however, one feature that makes this hang tag very, very exciting: the grommet. This small metal fixture is a welcome addition to any hang tag, and it looks fantastic here. This screams attention to detail as well as quality.

This hang tag holds a special place in my heart. On the Inspirations page for this blog there are currently only two, one of which is the flagship blog of journalist Paul Lukas. He has recently started something of an art project to put grommets into all kinds of things, primarily foodstuffs, and it is fantastic. Check it out for yourself.

Overall, I'm not in love with the design of this tag. I find the front very flat and uninspired, plus the wordmark is actually pretty hard to read. Nonetheless, the level of workmanship and finish here more than makes up for it.

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