Thursday, January 28, 2016

Hang Tag Review #32 - Carter's Little Collections "Christmas Tree" Hang Tag

I am so excited to have discovered these. Baby wear brand Carter's apparently offers a series of themed clothing in what they refer to as "Little Collections." Several items to a matching outfit are sold as a single piece on a single hanger, with the standard Carter's hang tag and one of these "feature" tags.

This one is for a Christmas collection, judging by the little tree. The tag itself is small (about 1" x 1") and features the standard slate background. There is a white circle inside the square with the tree and the name. The tree is a simple triangle evergreen rendered in green, with a small red 5 point star above it. The reverse is untreated paperboard.

The tag design is really fun. I've not been impressed with Carter's tags in the past (the exist in a truly "Meh" category) but I love these ones. The presentation is simple and fun, with the little symbols adding just the right touch of color. I like the slate that Carter's uses, but their other colors tend to turn me off. Here, the pop of green and red are perfect.

The use of the tree is interesting. Although trees have become a somewhat defacto "politically correct but everyone still knows I mean Christmas" symbol, I could see a wrapped gift being used equally as well. Then again, while Carter's is not an expensive brand, it is certainly not need based baby clothing.

I continue to wish Carter's would drop the all lower case text, but here I'll let it slide.

Overall, a really fun tag and I look forward to reviewing some more from the series.

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