Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Hang Tag Review #44 - Sweet Honey Clothing

This is a hangtag set from children's clothing brand SweetHoney. This is clearly a nice hangtag with luxurious materials, including two thick cards with metal grommets, a length of pink ribbon, and a safety pin attachment.
The top hangtag is a small square in cream with the name SweetHoney in a delicate gold ink script. The script color matches the metal grommet, although the treatment on the wordmark is much more "gold" whereas the grommet reads "functional metal."

The second tag is an oval in a very delicate blue. In fact, the blue is so soft it is hard to detect except in the best lighting. It has the cameo style mark with the name, YoungEST, and the interesting flower design. The CELEBRATE YOUR EVERYDAY tagline is present at the bottom. The entire printing on the front is in the same gold ink, although here there is a sans serif block font with all caps. The reverse continues the CELEBRATE YOUR EVERYDAY tagline at the bottom, but the top has printed care instructions. Interestingly, the care instructions are not printed in the gold ink, but instead just simple dark text. There is also a name dot com.

This is overall a nice a tag set, with high quality materials. The safety pin closure is nice - the plastic tags (perkets) are awful in all aspects. The ribbon is just ok - it looks nicer than just using the plastic tag, but it isn't special.

The second tag is the real star here - a pleasing oval shape and a clean front are well appreciated. The reverse is fascinating - not just care instructions, but care instructions with household tips (adding salt). The only misses are the repeat of the tag line, which is unnecessary as it is also on the front, and the name dot com, which crowds the text but adds nothing.

Overall, a highly rated design.

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