Friday, May 3, 2024

Hang Tag Review #48 - Sam Edelman

 This Hang Tag is from shoe brand Sam Edelman. The top hang tag is a solid lime green with the Sam Edelman cursive wordmark in black. The reverse is the same. The top hang tag also has a very nice metal grommet in solid black.

There is a second hang tag attached to the back, which is made of a semi-transparent plastic with the Sam Edelman wordmark printed on one side. On the reverse there is a price tag which is relatively straightforward. The second hang tag does not have the metal grommet.

This is a fantastic hang tag. The top tag in the bold lime green with the simple black wordmark is well executed. It calls to mind Nike's use of electric yellow at the Olympics - it is bright, easily recognizable, and stands out, but the simplicity of the design keeps it from reading cheap. A quick review of the Sam Edelman website demonstrates that the green is a current style choice and used throughout. The metal grommet is also beautiful - it adds a touch of class to the neon.

The second tag is very fun as well - it is made of a cheap feeling plastic, but interestingly it keeps the main tag clean by providing a space for the price tag to be affixed. It also has the very cool effect of showing the circuitry for the anti-theft elements of the price tag, as they show through the semi-transparent second hang tag.

The consistency among the trademarks is solid here as well - the same script wordmark appears in all instances, which keeps things memorable and clean. Although not normally something this blog covers, the string attachment is high quality. It is made of thick thread and there is a plastic piece with a version of the script logo as a monogram.

All in all an excellent hang tag on all fronts.

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