Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Hang Tag Review #47 - Ricrac & Ruffles

 Today we have a hang tag from children's clothing brand Ricrac and Ruffles. This tag is identical on both sides and features heavy use of a deep pink color. The wordmark is made up of several different fonts and styles, and sits inside a white border with additional features. The full www dot name dot com sits on the bottom in plain white text.

The wordmark is clearly the most interesting part of this hang tag. It features the name with an interlocking R monogram, the "ricrac" in a relatively standard font, but the "ruffles" is done in unconnected cursive. The ampersand also appears to be in an entirely different font from all the other letters (or possibly the same as the Rs, tough to tell). 

It is really hard to understand the choices made, but to some extent they do fit with the overall vibe - there is a lot of frilly/lacey style going on here, which suits the luxury children's brand theme. This is the type of hang tag that you'd expect to find on the "good clothes" your grandmother wore as a child.

All this said, the rest of the tag is empty, outside of the full web address. Why would one choose to go somewhat simple and clean with the overall design, but then feel compelled to add in a full web address that is simply the same name as the brand?

Overall, not a great example of design.

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