Friday, August 30, 2013

Estate Polo Booklet Hang Tag

This is an interesting hang tag. ‘Estate’ is a discount label selling at Macy’s, and they offer a pretty good  variety of hang tags. This one here is for a polo shirt. It is a booklet style hang tag. The front is a dark blue with gold lettering. This hang tag mimes Polo Ralph Lauren’s use of “The” as an authoritative identifier. The use of estate is certainly a classy touch, but it adds a layer of ambiguity. Is this an “estate” polo that has been with the family for generations? Is it meant to be worn to a residence that is categorizes as an “estate?” Is it like fine wine?

While the use of estate is unclear the indented perception is not. The laurel wreath and shield in gold foil, the deep blue back ground, and the gold lettering all imply old money, high society fashion.

The front folds open to reveal a solid blue reverse, and the underlying page is a traditional feature tag. The symbols used are the same as on this Greg Norman one, except that the sun is slightly different (I actually prefer the abstracted rays on this one).
The feature tag is the same on both sides, and as such only one is reproduced here. The inverse coloring is consistent to the front, but does not carry the same panache. Also, is the white lettering at the bottom in negative, or is it the blue symbols at the top? Impossible to tell.

The funny ambiguities in this hang tag are either sloppy work, or smartly subversive. I’m going with the former, based on the similarities between this discount brand and other tags featured here. One thing that really bugs me is the mismatched fonts used in the feature titles and the rest of the tag. I like the serif font much more in this application.

I’m also not a huge fan of the odd “booklet” design. Why have a “peek-under” feature tag if the front and reverse are going to be identical, and the reverse of the top layer is blank? There is essentially two pages of information, conveyed in four.

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