Friday, August 9, 2013

Izod Varsity Fleece Hang Tag

This tag features a strong red, a strong negative font, and a strong glossy embellishment on the front. It is clear, clean, and definitely has a straightforward approach. The reds complement each other nicely. The detail also provides a nice visual center, and gives the hanging hole a sense of place. It takes the hole into an integral design feature, rather than a blemish. It also informs the positioning of Izod. A short word can be tough to fit without becoming overpowering; the glossy detail gives balance and direction.

The reverse incorporates the same elements, but not nearly as well. The same glossy bar runs through the middle, however the retailer sticker covers it. The alignment corners indicate that this is intentional. There is the overlapped IZ mark, well fit into the space, making use of both the stripe and the area between the retailer tag and the hanging hole. The abbreviated web address at the bottom is neither offensive nor inoffensive, it just is.

This tag features the variation between the horizontal orientation on the front with the vertical orientation on the reverse. Both are thoughtfully done, the front is just executed better.

I think this hang tag is fantastic. The front is masterfully done. I also think it looks decidedly masculine, especially evident whencompared to this Calvin Klein Jeans hang tag. Whereas the Calving Klein hang tag is sipping a martini in a trendy NYC bar, this Izod hang tag is barbecuing

on Martha’s Vineyard. Both are drinking expensive alcohol and surrounded by beautiful women, they are just going about it differently.

The reverse is unfortunate, because it is a great design and thought, just crushed by the overwhelming retailer sticker. I think either continuing the line detail all the way to the end of the hang tag, or terminating it earlier so none showed through, would both be acceptable solutions.

I also think that in our modern times, if you web address is simply your company name with a dot com slapped on the end, you do not need to list your web address.

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