Monday, August 12, 2013

Love Fire Clothing Butterfly Hang Tag

This hang tag from Love Fire Clothing looks like it cost a pretty penny to print. The front and reverse are not clear here, but taking the blue side, we see a dandelion wispy-ing its seeds away. The powder blue, combined with the seeds, is incredibly light, feminine, and ephemeral.  The name is thoughtfully designed as well, with “love” in lowercase script, and the hint of a comma, separating it from FIRE done in block doodles. The heart over the “i” stands out in contrast pink, and also because it technically makes the only lowercase in the word. The text looks like a day-dreamy-doodle on a textbook, which fits perfectly with the dandelions floating away on the wind.

On the reverse, the wording is identical, but the proportions and layout are changed. The comma after love makes this read as a salutation, interestingly enough. The butterflies and wildflower are fitting, the barn wood is predictable and expected. The model is interesting in that she is not really modeling the clothes, which ostensibly are what this hang tag sells. Instead, the jewelry is the only piece of her look that we really can see. There is a bit of graininess to this side as well. The carefree hippie ideal walks very closely to hipster on this side.

Similar to Izod, I really like one side of this hang tag, and am disappointed by the other. The blue side is nicely done; it captures an emotion in an authentic way. The reverse, however, just beats you over the head with it. I am also not a fan of the contrast between the two sides. The blue side is subtle, and monotone, the reverse is simply a Photoshop job. I also revolt at any objects being used out of context to prove a point as the butterflies look like they are crawling on the wood, but are clearly out of scale to everything else, including the flower.

I think this is also a great example of a necessary web address. I would have never guessed that without it being printed.

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