Thursday, February 4, 2016

Hang Tag Review #33 - Carter's Little Collections "Wolf" Hang Tag

A second in a series, this is the Wolf variant of the Carter's Little Collections. Just like before, this mini feature tag is slate square with a white circle, and has the Carter's Little Collections name. The real fun, however, comes from the tiny wolf symbol. It features a a very cute wolf sitting on its hind legs. Technically, this may actually be a dog, since it wears a blue collar, in which case perhaps it is meant to be a husky of some sort.

Either way, I rate this tag highly, just like the previous Christmas Tree one. The tiny figure is just happy enough, just bright enough, and just varied enough to really pull the entire thing together and out of the morass of poor color choices that dominates most other Carter's tags. It is also endearingly cute, which is perfect for baby clothes.

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