Monday, February 8, 2016

Hang Tag Review #34 - Harper Hang Tag

Today we are looking at a hang tag from the brand Harper, itself a house brand of Francesca's. Francesca's is generally feminine preppy, and this hang tag is no different. The front is a lilac purple with the name HARPER printed in a soft pink. The font is simple, except for the interesting calligraphy mark on the middle "R."

The reverse is simple as well, white card stock with a small HARPER mark in black on the top. Again, the "R" is stylized. Underneath that is a retailer tag (again, with the odd juxtaposition of the retailer tag on the hang tag designed specifically to be sold by that retailer).

This tag is simple and straightforward, and that is never a bad thing in my opinion. On the other hand, it is pretty indistinguishable from any other tags. There is not much to make it stand out, and there is no product information (outside of what is on the retailer sticker).

I do like the presentation of the wordmark though. Simple with just a little whimsy. Nicely executed.

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