Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Hang Tag Review #46 - Cosmic Blue Love

This is a fun one - our first broken link!

The hangtag from Cosmic Blue Love has an eye catching front. It is a creme card in a vertical rectangular shape, with gold starbursts throughout. It has Cosmic Blue Love in dark script, and hangs on a thick waxed cord.

The reverse is more or less empty - it has a sticker with the garment details, a address, and a hashtag of #EYESONTHESTARS.

The front is solid here - the design is eye catching and communicates the mood clearly. It doesn't overdo it, but it also doesn't drown in its own minimalism. Well done!

The reverse is strong as well! Again, a lot of empty space, but that is always acceptable. While TheHangTagBlog normally eschews the web addresses, Cosmic Blue Love is a subbrand or housebrand of clothing delivery service StitchFix, so giving clear directions helps it keep from getting lost amidst the other search results. The hashtag inclusion makes sense, especially for an online only brand. It is worth noting that the web address doesn't quite bring a broken link, but it does lead to a static "coming soon" landing page! Ouch!

Since this is an online only brand, they have smartly decided to forgo things like price and barcodes in favor of a more descriptive UPC giving style and wash details. This shows a real comfort with thoughtful applications for a specific business model. Excellent overall, a truly great contender.

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