Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Hangtag Extra - Zara Add On tags

Here is a small collection of add ons with Zara hangtags. Earlier, there was a tough review of the main Zara hangtag, mostly for the reverse side which was covered with symbols and repeated designations that might have been useful to computers, but were certainly not helpful to people. It turns out, Zara also stacks these additional squares onto many of their garments.

Here are four - J O I N L I F E, Regular, 100% Linen, and Garment Dye. It is easy to guess that Regular is a fit, and 100% Linen is a fabric, but Garment Dye and Join Life are less clear. The reverse of each has the same two sustainability logos from the main tag...

Confusing are the multiple fonts, weights, kerning, and colors among these add on tags...

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